A Unified SaaS Platform to manage your Procurement, Turnover, Finance, Products & Inventory with integrated marketplace and
Realtime insights!

We have combined best of breed, best practices and best in class in one digital platform to serve you 

efficient profitability.  


Budget Control

Financial overview of spend and budgets, cab help your business to drive efficiency  and const effectiveness. A structured insight in category spend will help your business identify the right sourcing potentials and maverick spend.

Automated Invoicing

The automated invoice processing platform will help your business and suppliers process invoices, match with orders, receipts and contracts in a blink of an eye.

Financial Analysis

The first step in the selection of suppliers for your business is by running a tender and choosing the appropriate suppliers at the right price, terms and conditions. Our eSourcing tool enables you ti have a uniform way of working.


Our Smart buy platform offers you the ease of ordering goods & services in a one-stop shop catalog solution. The marketplace solution is a good way to bring supply & demand together.

Business Insights

The real-time insights in your financials and spend will enable strategy development, consolidation of products & services and underpinning of financial impacts.

Inventory Management

In the eCommerce supplier portal, providers of good & services are able to register and maintain their product lines and stock to better serve their customers.

Digital Contract

By singing contracts digitally,

your business contributes to the environment and speed on the business opportunities. The contracts are online available antytime anywhere.

eCommerce Portal

In the e-commerce supplier portal, we enable providers of goods & services to better with their clients by having a ready to go platform to sign contracts, manage orders & shipments and generate invoices automatically and real time visibility in revenue streams per client.

"We operate globally, act locally & serve instantly"

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All data is processed quickly and with higher accuracy, as it is no longer subject to human error. Save time and money by significantly reducing the amount of manual data.

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