As a business you aim is to attract customers to buy your products & services. Our supplier portal offers you a way to respond to Rfx requests, upload your quotations & proposals digitally. We understand how important it is to register your prospects and classify clients to be able to have a follow up on RFx requests and secure your business opportunities.


Initiate the contract and T&C for signature to your clients. Your business can share the agreements with your legal and commercial department before sharing with your clients for signing the sales contracts digitally. Contracts that are signed digitally by your business and your clients are visible in the supplier portal.

Based on this signed contracts, your business will be able to initiate product & services catalogs and link this to the appropriate contracts to secure proper price and discount. Maintain the prices from your end to ensure that your clients are getting what's they have signed for. Your business will be able to assign a catalog to multiple clients and the catalog will be visible in the secure platform of P2I clients and provide access to new clients to a secure platform.

Based on the purchases placed by your clients, the flow of invoice generation and sharing with your clients will be done automatically with a great visibility in your revenue, outstanding deliveries. You can also use our platform to generate digital invoices and share with all your clients in the required format.