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Accurate information is crucial to identify the opportunities and savings potentials to drive efficiencies and reach a controlled business. Visibility in company's spend and financial data will also help in drive strategic decisions and report progress to management.

When this data is translated to readable and easy to use graphs, then you can present and act on certain trends in a fast manner and respond quicker on market changes by having the view of the fast moving commodities and commodities that are not performing well in the market. 

We use international models to reflect on your business process, integrating the 80/ 20 model and kraljic matrix to classify your suppliers. 

Using the information from the different spend and financial dashboards, new sourcing projects, can be initiated to drive more savings and reduce suppliers by consolidating spend.

Create RFx request using our eSourcing platform and gather quotations and proposals, evaluate and reward best suppliers using our B2B platform. Fully integrated and easy to use.

In the process of negotiation and signing contract we introduce a fully integrated contract signing process that we speed up the process of signing and reduce the paper trail that's mostly involved in the contracting phase. All digitally signed contracts can be stored and shared with your business. Based on the related products and services, catalogs can be build and shared with your business users to ensure maximum contract compliance and not missing out on contract expiration d

To ensure contract compliance and KPI's are met by the internal buyers, a catalog can be setup for the contracted goods and services to make sure that negotiated prices and conditions are used by the appropriate buyers.

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